Shipping. Maritime Transportation. The transference of goods from one location to another.  For some companies, these might merely be matters of logistics in a supply-chain. For Alexandros, there is a broader deliverance at stake.


In a world where approximately ninety percent (90%) of everything people buy has been on a maritime journey and fifty percent (50%) of the planet's population possesses less than ten percent (10%) of total assets, there exists corporate, personal, and moral responsibilities.


Alexandros believes that such responsibilities include the advocacy of a business model whereby goods are utilized to serve people because people do not exist merely to support, create, and distribute goods, but are also a means to themselves.  Specifically, our business model and mission is to create jobs, enhance relations between strategic partner nations of the United States, welcome low margins on high volume, invest in various business sectors, and have Alexandros' Chief Executive Officer (CEO) invest his personal profits in health care, housing, and education for "at need" people in Louisiana, USA.


The vessels of Alexandros, Inc.'s maritime transportation do not only transfer materials from an origination point to a specified destination. Our vessels are vehicles to redistribute an opportunity for all whereby we work with each other, for each other, to accomplish more together than a part.


Below are the methods by which Alexandros endeavors to ensure our portion of the world's products that travel by maritime transportation deliver maximum benefit to the people the products carried by our vessels serve:


Alexandros, Inc. is pleased to confirm access to a vast maritime transportation network. Our chartering capabilities focus on the maritime transportation of all types of crude oil, as well as natural gas.  We will exclusively charter maritime transportation vessels until such time as Alexandros,Inc.'s own maritime transportation fleet is engineered, designed, and constructed.


Alexandros' slogan, "Made and Stayed in America", has never been more important to put into practice than now. There are United States conglomerate entities and billionaires who claim American patriotism while outsourcing American jobs with the declaration that they "had to" for additional profit margins. Some of these same entities and/or individuals advocate for walls between the United States and some of America's allies via trade wars and proposed actual structures.


Alexandros offers another option. We embrace giving back to the country that gave us everything and proving that by building bridges between us, instead of walls around us, we can accomplish more together than apart. This is a core competency of life, business, and a political system that is at a crossroads.


In 2016 there exists an intense focus on the North American Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).  Detractors to this agreement highlight that the United States has a trade deficit of over a five hundred billion USD ($500,000,000,000.00+).  This argument is augmented by the assertion of some that NAFTA has cost Americans millions of jobs and embarked the United States on a race to the bottom of product quality and wage earnings.


Alexandros proposes an alternate way forward. We are in the process of finalizing a joint venture whereby significant numbers of vessels (including VLCC supertankers) will be engineered, designed, constructed, and operated in Louisiana, USA.


Job creation is an elixir for economic stimulus and equality.  Working with each other, for each other, we can accomplish more together than apart. Alexandros, Inc. is pleased to provide status updates as they occur pertaining to our imminent maritime joint venture and forthcoming development of a new, vast, state-of-the-art fleet of vessels.

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