Proton therapy is scientifically proven, insurance reimbursed, and a successfully financially implemented "best-in-class" cancer treatment. Benefits include higher rates of survival coupled with dramatically lowered side effects compared to other alternatives. This is accomplished with a precision "laser beam" that isolates cancer cells whilst not destroying healthy tissue when it enters and exits the body as can be the case with other methods.


Our understandings of the applications of proton therapy were refined over five ("5") years at a cost of over fifty million USD ("$50,000,000.00") at the world's leading research centers that focused on breakthroughs in the delivery of proton technology. These welcomed breakthroughs enhance both medical outcomes and patients cared for via improved accuracy that shortens the duration of patient care time allowing more patients to be successfully treated.


Research studies some on our management team had conducted in the area of "antiprotons" initiated conceptual contemplation of medical applications of antiprotons. Such concepts take time, capital, collective work by leaders in their respective fields, but could potentially one day eliminate all cancer cells within one-to-three ("1-3") treatments, with NO SIDE EFFECTS, and "real-time" imaging that will document the elimination of cancer.


This dream scenario potentially could enable a patient to leave a doctor's office with the answer to the question, "Do I still have cancer?".





CANCER TREATMENT CENTER: A state-of-the-art Cancer Treatment center with leading technology in proton cancer treatment, traditional radiation, chemotherapy, and surgical services.

BOUTIQUE HOSPITAL: A boutique state-of-the-art general hospital with robotic general surgical services.

LUXURY HOTEL: A luxury boutique 5 star hotel.




SAVE LIVES: FDA approved, insurance reimbursed, and proven technologies SAVE LIVES.

QUALITY OF LIFE: Services that save lives will also ENHANCE QUALITY OF LIVES with diminished side effects and shorter recovery times.

JOB CREATION: CREATE JOBS. Such developments create significant and direct jobs in the local area.

ECONOMIC STIMULUS: STIMULATE ECONOMY. Jobs generate capital which injects into the local economy and contributes to overall tax pool for the government. Patients, their families, and tourists also expend capital not only at the facilities but in the local economy. Diversifying into a knowledge based economy diminishes reliance upon energy revenue that can be controlled by external factors.

BRANDING: High end technology, administration, services, and amenities extenuate branding for local communities.

SOVERIEGNTY & INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: Economic strength, international relations, and branding are the fundamental core factors for stability, sovereignty, and prosperity.




Our designed Medical City is projected to be a multi-billion USD "next generation" integrated "state-of-the-art" city providing "best-in-class" medical facilities, technology, education, housing, entertainment, recreation and transportation.



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