Alexandros, Inc. is a United States of America Delaware Corporation in good standing that is committed to HEALING.

HEALING patients with state of the art technology and service.

HEALING economies with urban development, job creation, and gross national product stimulus.

HEALING relations between strategic partner nations with expediting financing, development projects, and collaboration.



A safe home.  Reliable medical care.  The eternal hope that effective education instills. Providing energy to those who need it most and utilize it for productive causes. These needs transcend local culture & society, and are the bedrock of stability and prosperity worldwide.  These are the areas of service to which Alexandros is devoted.


The legacy of Alexander the Great was not that he captured new lands for Hellenism, but that he brought the gift of Hellenism to those new lands, whilst preserving their local culture. Alexander's enduring legacy derives not from a man who made himself rich, but from the prosperity bestowed upon those who grasped his helping hand to lift themselves up.


In this tradition, it is the mission Alexandros Inc. to serve communities who are grasping for that helping hand; communities where the best practices in infrastructure, health care, urban development, energy, and education are not only necessary for stability, but are indeed the only hope for those who envision, one day, creating their very own legacy.




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